Welcome to the NMS Art Department!
**Please note: Kristen Ladue is out on maternity leave, and will return after winter break. Roxanne Buzinsky will be filling in as her co-teacher. Please contact Roxanne if you have any questions regarding your student in class.

A little bit about us…

Our art department has 2 teachers, and we both LOVE what we do!

We are a fully collaboratively duo, so all students receive the same learning and projects in their respective grades. The same is true for art enrichment students. We guarantee that your student will draw, paint, print and sculpt each year here at NMS. Their projects are stored for our art show in late April, and will be sent home with the students at the end of the school year.

Our primary concern is to help your student find his or her voice in art and be successful in this beautiful and important subject. You student attends art 2x every 6 rotation days, totaling about 15 times per quarter. This is about ? of time they spend in their academic classes. We realize that time management can be a concern for all students, and can make tracking project process a challenge.

Your student will receive a daily grade based on their behavior/effort in class that day (0-5 scale). They will get a QUARTERLY grade in art (slightly different from last year where they received a grade bi-quarterly).

We will update project completion in PowerSchool with either a ? (indicating it has been collected and will be graded) or a “0” (indicating that it is late/missing/incomplete). Please note that the “0” is temporary and serves as a placeholder to remind students they have work to complete. It will be removed once the work is turned in, and will have NO impact on their grade. However, if left unresolved, the work will be graded as is, and may result in a grade lower than what they expected. We encourage ALL of our students to take initiative and speak with us if they have any questions or concerns. We ask that you be patient with us when it comes to PowerSchool, we each see half of the school in the course of 3 cycle days (350 students +/-).

Communication is key! We do our best to make ourselves available for students to catch up on work. Students are more than welcome to come before or after school to work, as long as they make arrangements with us PRIOR to attending. Additionally, they will have designated days to come in to art for learning lab (passes can be obtained from their respective art teacher). All academic work and obligations MUST be taken care of before they come in for art learning lab. Their academic teachers have the right to decline their attendance to art learning labs.

We look forward to a wonderful year with your young artist!

We can always be reached by EMAIL, voicemail is difficult. 

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